The mission of our business is to produce projects that deliver superior value and offer outstanding quality.

Jet Maintenance is an oilfield construction company, based out of Victoria, Texas, dedicated to providing premium turnkey services to the oil & gas industries. Founded in 1992, Jet has established itself as a leader in oilfield construction in South Texas.

The success of our business has largely been a result of our superior service and extra attention to detail throughout our operation. We have a loyal, dedicated and diverse staff that increases our ability to successfully differentiate our products and services from the competition.

We are very customer-focused, committed to solving all of our related customers’ needs and doing everything we possibly can to keep them satisfied.

Driven by excellence in execution, Jet is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees. Jet boasts an excellent safety record and maintains the highest safety standards for our employees. We are also a member of ISNetworld and our operators are O.Q. Qualified.